We last reported on road construction at the Cordes Junction Interchange on 8/12, 8/15, 9/26, 10/10 and 10/24, 11/30 and a segment of Paolo Soleri’s visit with ADOT, posted on November 4. 2011.

During that visit Paolo Soleri viewed a full size mock-up of one of his designs for the abutments of a new bridge over Highway 17, very close to the Arcosanti site.

The photos were taken last Thursday, January 5. 2012.

Paolo Soleri was invited by ADOT and the joint-venture highway construction company VASTCO-SUNDT to view one of his designs on the first massive bridge support.

This relief is still missing intended coloration.

It was a somewhat festive event with an entourage of photographers and reporters, as well as ADOT representatives and heads of the road construction company.

ADOT landscape project manager Joel Salazar shows selected colors to Paolo Soleri. In the background is Cosanti Foundation president Jeff Stein.

Another visit was scheduled for January 12. 2012 to decide on the actual shade of colors for the design. We will report on that visit on Monday, Martin Luther Kings holiday, January 16. 2012.

A lot of work is happening on Highway 17, the sides of the freeway and the median. Photo updates coming soon.

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