The photos were taken during a photographic field workshop with students from Kansas City Art Institute in the west fork of Oak Creek Canyon, Sedona Arizona, Jan. 10, 2012.

The students are visiting Arcosanti for a two week intensive program in art and science.

[photos & text: Roger Tomalty]


Charles Ferguson, a field geologist with USGS gave spontaneous lectures on the Geology of the Canyon.

The exercise was to take no more than 36 photographs (equivalent of one roll of film- prior to the digital era).

Aimee Madsen, photographer and film maker at Cosanti, put together the idea for this field photo exercise in Oak Creek Canyon.

Each photo was to be carefully selected and framed, paying special attention to the changing and often challenging lighting conditions.

Alumnus Russel Ferguson, now Director of School of the Foundation Year at KCAI, KANSAS CITY ART INSTITUTE.


[photos & text: Roger Tomalty]

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