Last Thursday, February 2. 2012, Arcosanti Planning Interns mounted the exhibition of Arcosanti/Cosanti images, that Planning Coordinator Nadia Begin put together at the downtown[photo: Planning interns Yasaman Esmaili and Nick Klever are placing the last photos of the wall display for the exhibit on the second floor of the Burton Barr Phoenix Public Library].

The event is part of

PHOENIX RISING: The next 100 years
Color+Art in Contemporary Architecture

The Desert Environment Series presents “conversations” with educators, architects, musicians and visual artists every Thursday during the month of February alongside a month long exhibition in the Second Floor of the Burton Barr Library to celebrate the Arizona Centennial.

February 2nd,
5:30pm -6:30pm
Desert Environment Series Opening
Exhibit will be on display from Feb. 2- 29th on the second floor of the [photo: Public Relation Andrea Speed has made sure that we provide adequate information about the projects and is assembling the boxes for workshop and Arcosanti/Cosanti brochures].

February 2nd (Opening Night)
6:30pm- 8:00pm
Desert Sights & Sound and Simple Shelter
[photo: Planning Coordinator Nadia Begin is giving final touches to the display].

February 16th,
6:30pm- 8:00pm
The Education of an Architect

[photo: The finished display that will be exhibited until the end of the month of February].

The desert environment series started in 2008 by Alumni Alex Barragan as a Forum to discuss ideas on Engineering, Architecture, Industrial Design, Education and the Arts as they influence Arizona’s Most Spectacular Environment.

The concept behind this month long event is:
*To ENCOURAGE the study of the great disciplines of Engineering, Architecture, Industrial Design, Education and the Arts.
*To EXPLORE new ideas, re-sharpen our imaginative skills and find ways to develop hidden talent.
*To REORGANIZE our studios, our business, or to take our projects to the next level.
*To APPRENTICE with the experts in the field of your interest.
[photos: Nadia Begin]


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