We return one more time to the visit of Kansas City Art Institute students in January and the students intensive program [see previous reports on 1/6, 1/11, 1/16and 2/8/2012].

AGUA FRIA WATERSHED EROSION CONTROL WORKSHOP was another class that the KCIA students were able to participate in.


Aimee Madson Report from Mary Hoadley, one of the organizers of this class:

The Agua Fria Erosion Control Workshop at Arcosanti on January 13 drew over 50 participants who increased their knowledge of erosion and learned simple techniques to deal with erosion problems.

We built a 15 rock dam channel and a large brush and rock structure for eroded bank stabilization.

Thanks to Mark Wirtenen and Matt Roberts for leading the morning from Natural Channel Design and to FAFNM, Sonoran Audubon, National Audubon Together Green, NRCS and ADEQ’s Water Quality Improvement Grant Program for making it happen.

[photo: Roger Tomalty & text: Mary Hoadley]

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