Nadia Begin, head of the Planning Department at Arcosanti, teamed with Cosanti Foundation President Jeff Stein and the great musician/luthier/instrument-maker William Eaton Thursday February 9 for a public discussion of art, color, music and Arcosanti at the Phoenix Public Library.

[photo: Chihiro Saito & text: Jeff Stein]

Entitled THE ARCHITECTURAL INSTRUMENT, their event was the second in a 4-part series of conversations on contemporary architecture put together by Alum and Friend of Arcosanti Alex Barragan. The series continues on Thursday evenings through the month of February at the Will Bruder designed library.

[photo: Chihiro Saito & text: Jeff Stein

Stein led a discussion between Nadia Begin and William Eaton that touched on material, space, vibration, the Arizona desert, and the ideas of Paolo Soleri and Italo Calvino.

Begin and Eaton also made wonderful individual presentations, Nadia showing beautiful slides of buildings and process at Arcosanti and Cosanti; William Eaton making amazing music, playing several of his instruments, including an 18-string electric harp-guitar and guitar-synthesizer. See his work at William Eaton.

Early in his career, William Eaton lived (as did Paolo Soleri) for two years outdoors in the Arizona desert near Arcosanti, playing in canyons, caves, paying attention to how land and sound interact. And of course he has played concerts in a variety of venues at Arcosanti, part of helping us tune that architectural instrument.

An Arcosanti photo exhibition put together by Nadia Begin is in place at the Phoenix Public Library through February 29 and a copy of her computer slideshow is part of the current Arcosanti Residents Art Show in the Arcosanti Cafe.

[photo: Chihiro Saito & text: Jeff Stein]

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