One of the announcements in our report from Friday, Feb. 17. 2012 talked about an interview with Paolo Soleri by Prof. Constance Devereaux, Program Coordinator NAU Arts and Cultural Management.

Prof. Constance Devereaux visited Arcosanti with a group of students from the NAU ACM 410 class to use Arcosanti as a case study for examining leadership transition and strategic planning, as these are two significant issues with which an arts and cultural manager should have experience.

[photo: Chihiro Saito & text: Jeff Stein, Sue]

The opportunity to observe and study these two areas in an internationally-known organization which itself is working on these areas would provide an incredible experiential learning opportunity. 3 to 4 visits are planned during the semester.

[photo: Chihiro Saito & text: Jeff Stein]

Students would formulate a case-study research question that would ideally be a real issue that Arcosanti is interested in. Students would then conduct the study and produce a written report with recommendations.

[photo: Chihiro Saito & text: Jeff Stein]

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