On the weekend of February 25 and 26 Arcosanti was visited by three special groups of collaborators.

Northern Arizona University Biologist Dr. Stefan Sommer and Forestry major Jason Bull spent much of Saturday with Cosanti President Jeff Stein discussing the biological details of life-support for arcologies, and the near-term requirements of these at Arcosanti in particular. 

Stefan Sommer directs the Colorado Plateau Biodiversity Center, is director of education for the Merriam-Powell Center for Environmental Research and produced the film A RIVER REBORN about the restoration of Fossil Creek in Northen Arizona. His discussion on Saturday centered on greenhouse agriculture, soil micro-organisms, and the assistance that students and faculty at NAU might bring to Arcosanti as we continue our greenhouse development here.

[photo: Jason Bull, Stefan Sommer]

Arcosanti Alum Alex Barragan brought Mexico City architect Sergio Mejia, his wife Josephine and design associate Edgar Hernandez to the site.

Mejia repeated his terrific Phoenix Public Library presentation from earlier in the week for the Arcosanti community. Discussions with planners and builders here connected our proposed intensely-urban project to Mejia’s intensely-colored hospital projects in Mexico (health and intensity in both cases), and we explored ways to strengthen connections between Arcosanti and Mexico generally, through architects and through architecture students at IPN in Mexico City.

Professor Hernandez presented us with a copy of the architecture journal ESENCIA Y ESPACIO from his Instituto Polictecnico Nacional / IPN and we presented Alejandro with an essay about Arcosanti to translate into Spanish for future inclusion in that same journal.

[photo: Architect Sergio Mejia and partner Josephine, Alex Barragan, David Tollas, Sasha Tollas, Nadia Begin, and Architect and Professor Edgar Hernandez]

On Sunday, Arcosantians Nadia Begin and David Tollas hosted Arizona State University architecture professors Jason Griffiths and Chris Lasch and their students from both ASU and UC Berkeley.

[photo: professors Chris Lasch and Jason Griffiths and Jason’s two children]

These students are currently visiting significant architectural sites around the state. 

David engaged the crowd of scholars in an exhaustive tour of Arcosanti, including a visit to the greenhouse construction site below the swimming pool and the working greenhouses in the construction camp. 

Continuing conversation focused on the potential of architecture students from both schools to develop computer projects (Rhino) documenting Arcosanti’s complex spaces, including those of the foundry apartments; and the possibilities for 3D laser / computer-modeling the entirety of Cosanti for state historic resource purposes.

[photo: professors Chris Lasch and Jason Griffiths students]

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