This continues our report about the production of new molds for the Ceramics studio, see posts from 2/29 and 3/2/2012.

We could not have accomplished this project without Randall’s insightful help … and sense of humor. Tedious repetitive mindful tasks … if it is worth doing, then is is worth doing well. And so it goes … opening a freshly set form.

[photos: Chihiro Saito & text: David Hutchens]

This series is our smallest bell, a #705. Typical of a Z piece casting, one half is poured against the previous form, separated, flipped, the next half is mixed, poured and cast. We have repeated this process with various molds 250 times in these past two month, using 4,500 lbs of plaster.

Fresh strawberries would have been nice.

Here we are in the mold studio preparing a line of molds for casting. Every detail must be attended –

This report continues.


[photos: Chihiro Saito & text: David Hutchens]

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