Last Sunday and Monday morning we had the pleasure to host David McConville, President of the Buckminster Fuller Institute.

M. McConville was in Phoenix last week conducting a In the planning office the group was introduced to Youngsoo Kim who presented his latest book “Lean Linear City”. They were also shown plans for the new greenhouse.

[photo & text: Nadia Begin]

David Tollas, Project Manager for the greenhouse and Nadia Begin, Planning Coordinator showed the existing high tunnel greenhouse.

[photo: Dave Pentecost & text: Nadia Begin]

The extensive tour ended at the greenhouse project future site.

Some of the visitors were:

David McConville
President, Buckminster Fuller Institute
Director, noospheric research division,
see web-links at, also at and


Daniel Erasmus
Founding Partner of The DTN, Digital Thinking Network,
The Netherlands

Denisa Kera
Assistant Professor at
NUS, National University of Singapore
Department of Communication and New Media,

Hans de Zwart
Innovation manager by day, (open) technology believer by night,
see his web-site at hansdezwart.

[photo & text: Nadia Begin]

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