Arcosanti in Glasgow
March 2012

Cosanti Foundation president Jeff Stein spoke in Glasgow, Scotland this past week, invited by Arcosanti alum Dr. David Grierson, program director of Building Design and Management for Sustainability in the School of Architecture at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow.
[photo: Jeff Stein and David Grierson]

[photo credit & text: Jeff Stein]

The occasion was a 2-day conference on Sustainability, entitled “LEARn: Linking Education, Architecture & Research initiative.”

Held in the Debates Chamber of Strathclyde’s Student Union, speakers from the UK and the US came together to discuss the changes required of Architecture and Architecture Education to meet growing challenges of human population, land, energy and water use, global climate change, etc.

[photo: Strathclyde University, Glasgow, Scotland]

The fact that Arcology addresses all these issues in a clear and forceful way was not lost on the audience of architects and graduate students at Strathclyde.


[photo: students in the audience]

Glasgow began its life as a linear city, growing east to west along the Firth of Clyde leading to the Atlantic Ocean on Scotland’s West Coast.

University of Strathclyde, in the center of the old Merchant City, is becoming a global education center for sustainable design and construction. Arcosanti will now be part of that work.

[photo: Lean Linear City book and can of IRN BRU, the Scottish soft drink]

[photos & text: Jeff Stein]

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