Paolo Soleri: incredibly prolific man.

These molds we have made are significant in numbers, we filled this whole studio. Every detail carefully attended to.


[photos: Chihiro Saito & text: David Hutchens]

On the center table are two forms we will cast and re-introduce into the Soleri windbell line. These were produced in the 1950’s and described as Zepayr bells, Claviluminas and Auri mobiles.

These forms and a series of works are inspired by archival records which remain relevant and uniquely Soleri. Maintaining the integrity of his ceramic forms, we honor the creative genius of Paolo Soleri.

We have assembled, stored and archived this series of Paolo Soleri’s retiring molds. With his input, we re-create the new work as part of the continuum.

I would never have imagined this. 90 bags of plaster mixed by hand [and we recycle the bags].

More to come on Monday, March 26. 2012.


[photos: Chihiro Saito & text: David Hutchens]

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