[photos: archives volunteer Chihiro Saito & text: Ceramic studio manager David Hutchens]

We continue our report about fabrication of new plaster molds for the Soleri Ceramic studio.

Here we are in the Ceramics Apse, one of the first completed buildings at Arcosanti. We return to a foundational premiss: “Synergy”, the method by which this Arcology was formed.

Present are current workshop attendees, residents, volunteers and alumni. Gathered in this most beautiful ceramics studio by Soleri’s design …  little do they know what they are in for!

With Mary Hoadley in the lead … [wish we would have given her a lighter load to carry], connectively we move the molds one at a time across the Arcology the old fashioned way … no carbon footprint.

We arrive again at the Ceramics Apse to complete the drying stages of our molds. We take advantage of passive solar energy and predominant wind current to accomplish this task. Again … utilizing the sensibilities of Paolo Soleri’s early architectural designs.

And so it goes, it is all a process … all of our molds have been moved … we will remove all materials and this space will be used for a new activity.

Multiple use spaces – just take a look at this. The lighting is natural and comprises an entire wall. “Lean Alternative”, subtle and strong, resourceful, practical designs for living.

Yanabi wrote a book titled “The Unknown Craftsman”. I can relate. New molds in the background in this beautiful year-around outdoor studio. And here I am in the clay pit, returning to the essential material.

CLAY … this is how we do this, we dig “it” from the earth. Taken from archival foundational works, from a piece called “Sounds of the earth”, it was written” there are two fundamentals in his work.

1. Elementarity of means exerted on the most unpretentious material.
2. Directness of expression.

We continue in this tradition … designs by Soleri.

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