was the title of an all-day celebration of the Spring Equinox this past Saturday March 24 at the Soleri Bridge and Plaza in downtown Scottsdale, sponsored by Scottsdale Public Art.

Among the highlights of this annual event – now that there is a fantastic urban public space to hold such an event(!) – were giant tanks of Grass Carp, native to the Amur River in Asia. Because these fish feed soley on greenery, they are used worldwide as a biological tool to control nuisance aquatic plant growth.

The Salt River Project, the organization that manages the canals around Phoenix, sponsored the fish, and at the end of the day, freed them into the canal from the Soleri Bridge, to join some 30,000 of their friends through the Phoenix canal system to control algae.
[photo: Chihiro Saito & text: Jeff Stein]

Dance performance, storytelling, wonderful Gelato Italiano, and both Paolo Soleri and Cosanti’s Roger Tomalty had things to say at solar noon.

[photos & text: Jeff Stein]

Paolo Soleri was available for photo opportunities.

[photo: Chihiro Saito & text: Sue]

Arcosanti joined other vendors at the Bridge and Plaza, to sell books, bells and Japanese parasols to protect celebrants from too much sun.

[photo: Tony Fragiacomo & text: Jeff Stein]

Cosanti Foundation Public Relations Andrea Speed and Soleri Archives volunteer and photographer Chihiro Saito.

In the background we can see yoga.

[photo: Tony Fragiacomo & text: Sue]


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