As Heidi Dahms Foster said so well in todays article in the local BIG BUG NEWS, “Wind, hail, snow, rain sleet and freezing temperatures didn’t dampen the enthusiasm of a small group of die-hard bluegrass fans”.

Morning preparation started around 6 am under grey skies and very cold and windy conditions. Here we see the crew setting up sound equipment and a sound board.

[photo: Sue & text: from Heidi Dahms Foster article, Sue]

The opening ceremonies started with an invocation by Lloyd Yarbrough, Pastor of the Calvary Bible Church in Mayer. Colors were presented by the Cordes Lakes Memorial American Legion Post 122 and Heidi Dahms-Foster sang the National Anthem. And there was a welcome from Mayer Justice of the Peace Bill Rummer and County Supervisor Tom Thurman.

[photo: Sue & text: from Heidi Dahms Foster article]

The second annual HI-COUNTRY BLUEGRASS FESTIVAL failed to reach its potential because of the weather, but organizers and Arcosanti pulled together to give those who braved the elements a great experience.

Popular local THE POTATO PATCH BAND was the only band to play on Colly Soleri Amphitheater stage before the wind and rain drove everyone inside.

[photo: David DeGomez & text: from Heidi Dahms Foster]

The performance moved into the Crafts III cafe and here are the dynamic Teluride Winners RUN BOY RUN.

More photos to come on Friday, April 20. 2012.

[photo: Jeff Stein & text: Sue]

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