In a report on February 21. 2012 we talked about the first visit of Prof. Constance DeVereaux with a group of students from the NAU ACM 410 class. The students visited several times and used Arcosanti as a case study for examining leadership transition and strategic planning.

This past Friday, April 27. 2012, the class returned with their final report. The students were from the Arts Marketing Group and from Strategic Planning Group I and II. They were accompanied by a video crew from the NAU publicity. The video will be featured on the NAU web-site.

The first presentation was given by Emily Williams,

Megan Ruiz Ophelia Watahomigie-Corliss and Molly Long.

Second sequence of reports were by Brenna Clendaniel, Hannah Stone and Mia Aguirre.

The reports consisted of Current Observations and Inquiries, Guidelines and Conclusions, as well as a Stategic Plan for 2012 – 2014.

The Arcosanti management team paid close attention.

Both NAU groups presented clear-eyed research and a variety of very good suggestions.

Thank you to Prof. Constance DeVereaux and her students for giving us a whole lot of excellent “Food for Thought”.

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