It is official! We now have a building permit for construction of the Phase I greenhouse at Arcosanti. A big thanks to alumnus Jeff Zucker of Catalyst Architecture in Prescott who is acting as architect of record; and Jason Hale of Core Structures Group in Flagstaff and Prescott, licensed structural engineer.

The intention has always been that excess heat from a greenhouse will move up the south slope of the building site in air ducts that will eventually pass under the ground floor of the East Crescent. This warmed air, best
utilized in conjunction with radiant hot water, will be a supplementary heat source.

A plan view of the stepped greenhouse shows 8 separate planting beds with a total of 1400 square feet of plant space.

Over the years many people have come to the Arcosanti project to work on greenhouses that would be situated on the south slope of the site. Now a test of that concept is closer to becoming a reality thanks to the efforts of
everyone who has been and is now part of Arcosanti.

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