Each year the Arcosanti Art Exhibition (formerly Arcosanti Art Show) provides an opportunity for residents and alumni to display their skills as artisans and artists during a two-month long residency in the cafe.

This year Arcoop, the resident organized Coop, will be hosting the exhibition as part of their offering to the creative community that calls Arcosanti their home. Works displayed will be sold through a self-serve iPad station set up in the cafe until the exhibition closes at the end of April.

The opening reception is free to the public. It will take place on March 16th from 4-11pm and includes live music and tapas. Wine and beer will also be available for purchase.

2019 is off to a great start at the Cosanti Foundation. We’re very excited to be announcing that we have officially brought on long-time Arizona resident and outdoor enthusiast Patti Baynham as our Interim Director of Finance!

Patti will be a boon to the Cosanti foundation and the work that we do at Arcosanti. She brings to the table decades worth of experience as a businessperson and financial manager. You can read about that experience, her love of nonprofit work, and what keeps her here in Arizona in her bio below.

We hope you’ll join us in offering Patti a warm to the Cosanti Foundation Team!

When a new resident of Arizona, I was quickly introduced to a number of iconic elements of the state, including Cosanti and Arcosanti. Work took me away, but a Grand Canyon river rafting trip lured me back to stay. Arcosanti had never ceased to intrigue me. Little did I know how much stronger my ties to The Cosanti Foundation would become years after that first introduction!

With a Masters in International Management from Thunderbird School of Global Management, I left Arizona to work for Sherwin-Williams. There I gained invaluable experience as an auditor, factory controller, and director of accounting and financial planning. While with Sherwin-Williams I became a Certified Public Accountant (CPA).

Six years later that rafting trip changed the course of my life. Computer technology was beginning to infiltrate everyday activities, and I went to work for Intel in Chandler. Taking on responsibilities in production planning, materials management, information technology, and project management broadened my travel and business acumen extensively.
Ending more than 17 years with Intel, I returned to school to learn about creating wildlife habitat with desert-adapted plants. Soon after graduating I stumbled across an opportunity to become CFO of Boyce Thompson Arboretum in Superior, Arizona. This would allow me to leverage prior professional experiences while learning more about desert plants and wildlife habitat! That role solidified my appreciation and understanding of the need for robust financial management in not-for-profit organizations. I am delighted now to be working with The Cosanti Foundation to help strengthen financial management tools and processes that will underpin the Foundation’s future growth.

As a footnote, the life-changing decision I made after our Grand Canyon rafting trip seemed a bit crazy at the time, but I knew it was the right thing to do. In addition to being deeply rooted in Arizona in other ways, I am married to our river guide from that trip!


Help us publish the 50th Anniversary edition of Arcology: City in the Image of Man

2019 is a significant year for the Cosanti Foundation. We will kick off the 50th Anniversary of Arcosanti, culminating in several events throughout 2020. An important part of that celebration is publishing a new edition of Arcology: The City in the Image of Man, originally released by MIT Press in 1969. This is the book that started it all!

Arcology: The City in the Image of Man is legendary among scholars, architects, artists, and librarians around the world. It established Soleri as one of the most innovative minds of our time, and inspired over 8,000 volunteers to dedicate their time to building Arcosanti. The concept of Arcology is illustrated with outstanding graphics that place Paolo Soleri alongside such visionary artists as Piranesi, Boullée, and Ledoux.

The most current edition of Arcology, published in 2006, is now out of print and not available for purchase. In 2019, Cosanti Press will publish the 50th Anniversary edition of this seminal work so it can continue to inspire and influence students, scholars, and visitors to Arcosanti for many more years to come.

But we can’t do this without your help! The Cosanti Foundation is a charitable nonprofit, and relies upon the generosity of its supporters to do our work. In order to publish Arcology: The City in the Image of Man, we need your support! Your contribution to this campaign will guarantee that we can continue empowering the world to imagine a more sustainable and connected future for our urban environments.

Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to be a part of Arcosanti’s history and continued legacy!


The month we celebrate the official completion of the East Housing renovation project. At the start of December the construction department’s ongoing renovation of the East Housing complex passed its final inspection and by the Yavapai County Building Safety Division.

Upgrades to the space include a new bathroom and kitchen, new wood paneling, and the addition of a large group working space. All of the wood and metal work was done in house by the Arcosanti construction department, along with a series of gorgeous concrete countertops installed in the kitchen, bathroom, and windowsills.



East Housing will be used as Arcosanti’s first ever ADA compliant dormitory, another important step on the road towards making our site more accessible for workshop participants and the general public.

During the spring the unit will be occupied by students from Strathclyde University, who travel to Arcosanti each year from Scotland as part of their Sustainable Architecture and Engineering program. Throughout the rest of the year we will use the space as housing for our own workshop participants and large groups seeking temporary accommodations during their stay in the prototype Arcology.

(Photos by Sue Kirsch)