Two weeks ago the Cosanti Foundation made the announcement that Patrick McWhortor has been brought on as Chief Executive Officer, effective immediately.

Patrick brings with him over 35 years of experience working in the Arizona non-profit sector, including experience as the founding President and CEO of the Alliance of Arizona Nonprofits, a title which he held for ten years. He teaches nonprofit, public policy, and political science courses at Arizona State University, where his is an alumni.

His style is modeled on the the servant/leader theory, by which a leader who knows very little about the day to day minutia of an organization can help it thrive by getting the resources necessary for those who do handle day to day operations to succeed. He also has a dense background in fundraising, one of the current critical needs of the Cosanti foundation if it is to continue in the modern era where nonprofit funding comes with its own set of unique challenges.

We look forward to welcoming Patrick McWhortor into his new role at the Cosanti Foundation, and to helping him realize his vision of an Arcosanti playing a critical role in conversations about education and environmental stewardship for another fifty years or more.

On Tuesday night congressional candidate David Brill stopped by Arcosanti to address the community about his campaign. Dr. Brill, who spent ten years as head of Primary Care at the Veterans Administration, is running on the Democratic ticket.

His address to the community took place during Community Council. He spent twenty minutes speaking on his background and political beliefs before taking questions from those in attendance.

(photos Sophie Brill and text by Tim Bell)

The construction team is nearing completion on the current renovation project in East Housing. Once the project is complete the space will be available as a dormitory for students from both the workshop and from our partnership with Strathclyde University’s Masters in Architecture Program.

Preliminary schematic design for the renovation was completed by former planning department manager Flavio, along with assistance from Tomiaki Tamura and Jeff Zucker. Construction documents have been handled by Kevin Papa, the current planning department manager. On top of his duties as a department manager, Kevin also recently completed his licensing exam to work as a practicing architect. Erik Puzio and Maddie Visser in the wood shop have also contributed heavily to this project through the design and fabrication for new shelving, cabinetry, and paneling.

Primary construction has taken place under the supervision of Joel Masters. Workshop participants who have contributed to the construction most recently have gained skills in like metal work, tiling, carpet laying, and finishing carpentry. We look forward to opening the East Housing dorms in the fall and celebrating another completed renovation project.

(photos and text by Tim Bell)

When in doubt, play it out. Seeing as summer is nearing its close, this past Thursday night, a number of Arcosanti Residents gathered for a few friendly games of soccer in the Vaults. With enough people for more than two teams of five people, the residents found themselves having to make teams of three just so that everyone could get some play time in such a confined space. By the end of the games everyone was glistening with sweat, of course there were a couple of slight injuries here and there, but overall everyone had a fantastic time. There were many people left with the feeling of wanting more, so without a doubt, there will be another soccer game or two before it gets too chilly, and hopefully we will see you all out there for the next game!

Convergence is just around the corner, which means that preparations for Arcosanti’s home grown festival/conference hybrid are well underway. The event, founded by the Arco-op in 2017, will feature dozens of keynotes and break out sessions with music performances, applied learning opportunities, small scale sustainable building projects, artistic co-creations and collaborations, a civic commons, art installations, live performers, local cuisine, film screenings and more. The Co-op anticipates around 500 participants who will call Arcosanti their home and collaborative laboratory over the course of three days from October 5-7.

An exciting new component of this year’s Convergence is the post-event workshop. For the cohort who participates, we’re offering a new five-week workshop program contents which will include field trips, hands-on learning during work on Convergence-specific projects, a reformatted seminar week, and certification by the entrepreneur mentorship program SEED Spot.

The first steps in the process of identifying how this alternative workshop will function have already been taken. Convergence organizers have been meeting regularly with the executive team and Arcosanti department managers. They are also working closely with new workshop coordinator Rob Jackson to design and implement the new curriculum. Potential projects for the work weeks include the installation of an LED intelligent lighting system in the Amphitheater, and helping with phase one of a water diversion system down by the swimming pool.

(text by Tim Bell)