The Cosanti Foundation is once again participating in Modern Phoenix Week! Participants of this annual celebration of Architecture and Design will be invited for an intimate tour of Cosanti on Saturday, March 16th from 10:00-11:30 am and again on Saturday, March 23rd from 9:00-10:30 am. These two special tours are being offered for a suggested donation rate of $20 per person, attendance is limited to 25.

Register here for the tour on March 16th, and here for the March 23rd date. We’ll see you at Modern Phoenix Week!

Cosanti and Arcosanti are now represented on the ARIZONA MEMORY PROJECT site. The Arizona Memory Project provides access to the wealth of primary sources in Arizona archives, museums, libraries, and other cultural institutions. Visitors to the site will find some of the best examples of government documents, photographs, maps, and multimedia that chronicle Arizona’s past and present.

Special thanks to Digital History and Maps Librarian Ryan Ehrfurth for his help in guiding us through the process, and to alumna HILDEMAR [HILDI] CRUZ whose continued work and support, here and from afar, made this happen.

Click here to visit the Arizona Memory Project pages for Arcosanti and Cosanti.

Invest in AZ! We are excited to announce that Arcosanti is once again joining Arizona Gives Day, a statewide, 24-hour online giving campaign. Please consider giving on April 2 or scheduling your gift in advance at

Last year with your help we raised over $1500! Funds for this year’s AZ Gives Day will go towards purchasing fruit trees for a special Earth Day planting event at Arcosanti on April 22nd. Donors will be invited to join us at Arcosanti, where we will spend the afternoon planting trees on a terrace that is irrigated off of one of our rainwater catchment systems, closing another important loop on the path to a greener, more sustainable Urban Laboratory!


Passes for the first-ever Arcosanti International Film Carnivale are on sale now! The Cosanti Foundation has teamed up with the founders of the internationally recognized Jerome Indie Film and Music Festival to bring Arizona this one-of-a-kind documentary Film Festival experience.

Weekend passes include wine tastings, a cake competition, vendors, and plenty of documentary films throughout. Click here for tickets and information–we’ll see you at the Carnivale!