We’re counting down to Arizona Gives Day 2019! Check out the photo of the proposed bioswale planting project, and consider donating to the Cosanti Foundation on April 2 to help us continue our mission of educating the world on the benefits of combining Architecture with Ecology! Your donation to our 2019 campaign can be made by visiting https://www.azgives.org/arcosanti.

Last year with your help we raised over $1500! Funds for this year’s AZ Gives Day will go towards purchasing fruit trees for a special Earth Day planting event at Arcosanti on April 22nd. Donors will be invited to join us at Arcosanti, where we will spend the afternoon planting trees on a terrace that is irrigated off of one of our rainwater catchment systems, closing another important loop on the path to a greener, more sustainable Urban Laboratory!

Some words from landscaping manager Julie Quinn:

I read a travel article in 2012 about Arcosanti and saw that they had workshops. I was drawn to the idea of a condensed city to reduce my impact environmentally. During my workshop, I fell in love with the people as well, and I knew we could be the change we wanted to see in the world.

I spent my first winter here welding hand railings and guard rails, and the majority of my time since taking care of the plants along the tour paths and in the gardens. My mornings are spent watering all around the site, and I can see what spaces need attention. We have mostly Mediterranean and desert vegetation, which are very tolerant of our dry climate, and are low maintenance. We only use a few power tools when it’s necessary and most of our yard trimming and weeds can be used in our compost system, so our department creates very little waste. 

I am happy when I see the cafe staff or residents running around to use our herbs in their meals, the group olive harvest we do once a year, or when people get excited that the few trees we have do produce fruit.  Like a majority of the residents, I would love to see more edible plants on site, and I know at least a few others came here specifically to help get agriculture back up and running.

Arcosanti has been all about the architecture, but the structures revolve around seeing or being outside in the landscape. Having more fruit trees and finishing the bioswale will help us understand the time and energy it actually takes to produce our own food, connect with the natural environment around us and nourishing ourselves from the fruits of our labor.



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