March 9 – 10, the Cosanti Foundation Board of Directors had their annual Retreat at Arcosanti!
Board Update
The Cosanti Foundation Board of Directors recently held a two-day retreat at Arcosanti reviewing our strategic plans for the next three years. The meeting was a remarkable success! As an added benefit, we invited both residents and Alumni to participate in the meeting and make presentations of their ideas to further the Foundation’s mission. The ideas ranged from revenue generating opportunities, such as improving our E-Commerce business to a very aspirational idea to leverage the Intellectual Property of the Foundation by partnering with Colleges and Universities and become an active participant in curriculum development. The Board was very enthusiastic about the plans and I am happy to report that we are moving forward aggressively. Special thanks go out to all who participated and prepared such great presentations.
Infrastructure improvements are always a major agenda item and this session was no different. One of the big projects that we will need to undertake soon, deals with water and wastewater system improvements. Scott Riley made a great presentation to the Board and brought everyone up to date on our progress. We have met with the USDA and have discussed the parameters for Grant application and/ or Loans to cover the cost of the project. It is a very involved process and together we are making progress. The Road was also discussed, and we are hiring a surveyor to begin the process of plan submission to the County. Finally, we agreed to launch several Advisory Committees, The Infrastructure Advisory Committee, The Master Planning Advisory Committee and The Performing Arts Advisory Committee. The Board is in the process of adopting the charters for these committees and selecting the committee members. Members will include residents and staff, Alumni, interested and qualified professionals and Board members.
As I said earlier, it was a great meeting and we accomplished a great deal. There is much to do, and the Board is very motivated. Stay tuned, more to come!
With best wishes,
John Walsh, Chairman and the entire Cosanti Foundation Board of Directors

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