Three musicians joined us April 21 to celebrate the connecting power of music under the beautiful arches of the Arcosanti vaults. World music instrumentalist Scott Schaefer was joined by local guitarist David Merino and percussionist Clay Frankel during this well attended evening performance.

The evening began with a speech by event organizer and Cosanti Foundation Co-President Jeff Stein during which he touched on the gap that exists between matter and spirit.

The goal for the evening from then was to begin the process of “bridging the gap” with the sounds of Indigenous flute, didgeridoo, gypsy guitar, and drums.

After a few songs that could probably best be described as “new age meets gypsy jazz” the trio moved into the “bridging” portion of the evening, playing Schaefer’s album of the same title from beginning to end. The music was accompanied by a painting and a leaflet explaining the journey that the album is meant to convey, from Jata (birth) through Ohga (river), Santara (bridge), Prajna (wisdom) and into Satori (enlightenment).

When the performance ended a number of Arcosanti residents joined the trio on stage for a lively impromptu jam session. We look forward to the possible continuation and evolution of this event as a staple of the Urban Laboratory’s cultural mission.


(text by Tim Bell, photos by Chihiro Saito and Sue Kirsch)

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