See the beginning of this process here

The Arcosanti Foundry built a back up furnace recently. The Foundry works with one Furnace at the time, but it always have three potentially working furnaces. When one deteriorates, they move on the back up one. After building the form (see the previous post linked to at the beginning of this post), the refractory cement is poured.

 Refractory cement is a special dry-mix that chemically sets and dries brick hard and can withstand very high temperatures. Ali, Taylour, and Stephan worked together to pour the special cement into the built form. When the form is done and the concrete is poured we need to wait until three weeks before to be able to use the new furnace. If the concrete is not completely dry, with the high temperatures, the furnace could explode.

(photos by Ali Gibbs, text by Shannon Mackenzie)

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