As part of the ongoing efforts to renovate and refurbish the infrastructure on our campus, Arcosanti’s woodworking department recently took on the repair of the nearly five decade old “Yin-Yang” camp bathroom window.

Our archives indicate that the original creator of the piece was Anjali Crawford who took her workshop in December of 1970. The earliest archived photographs of the window appear in 1973.

Over the years exposure to the elements and the proximity to moisture from the showers had led to significant deterioration of the frame, along with the damaging and loss of many of the the colored plexiglass pieces.

Cabinet maker Erik Puzio spent two weeks on the project. The first step was identifying the pieces of the previous window that were still usable. Once the usable pieces of colored plexiglass were salvaged, he got to work recreating the entire frame from scratch.


Using the old frame as a stencil, Erik was able to transfer most of its form onto a new sheet of plywood. Working rom that stencil and using a jig saw, band saw, and router, he was able to produce a near perfect replica of the original frame.

Several replacement pieces were crafted for the missing and damaged plexiglass. Upon installation of those pieces, the frame was painted black to bring it as possible to the original.

(photos by Sue Kirsch, text by Tim Bell)

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