Laark Productions Presents: The Merchant of Venice!

Shakespeare Under the Stars

Laark Productions returns to Arcosanti on September 27th and 28th, and they’re bringing Venice with them…the Merchant of Venice, that is!

This production is a follow-up to their popular Macbeth production which took place in the fall of 2017. We hope you’ll join us for Shakespeare like you’ve never seen it before!

Click this link for tickets and information.

Museum of Walking online exhibition

In July the Cosanti Foundation was contacted by Gian Paolo Chiari from the Museo del Camminare in Venice, Italy. The Museo del Camminare (Museum of Walking), was recently created to study and document daily life in the world’s largest and oldest pedestrian city. 

In addition to dealing with Venice and the broader cultural, political and environmental meanings of walking, the Museum has just inaugurated a specific section (Car-free Life) on urban pedestrianization that includes the cases of London and Brussels and will soon involve Granada (Spain), Fes (Morocco), Oslo (Norway), Paris and others. 

Their invitation read: “On behalf of the free and open association which runs the Museo del Camminare, it will be a great honor and pleasure to host a page dedicated to Arcosanti in the Carfree Life section.”

The archives department at Arcosanti responded and sent images and text. Click on the link below to explore the online exhibition for yourself. 

Tour of Arcosanti inspired South Mountain Freeway Project

On Friday, July 19, 2019, Cosanti Foundation Board Member Steve Ostwinkle,
Cosanti Foundation Director of Development and Planning Scott Riley, Roger
Tomalty and Mary Hoadley toured the 202/South Mountain Freeway due to open
December 20, 2019. Thanks to the efforts of Joe Salazar of the ADOT Aesthetics
Office, the 22 miles from the I-10 at Ahwatukee to the I 10 at 59 th Avenue are
embellished with designs inspired by Wright and Soleri.

Joe Salazar, ADOT

Roger developed the yellow Riverbank designs from an early Soleri ceramics carving and the green Leaf/Portal designs from the Arcosanti Vaults in 2014, which appear on barriers, sound walls, bridge abutments, columns and land form graphics. Victor Sidy, former Dean of the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture, (who chose to become an architect after a trip to Arcosanti) and Monique de Los Rios, Arcosanti Alumna, representing Maricopa Association of Governments, were also on the design team. The trip was a treat and chance to see the significant progress since our last visit in December 2017.

The Ocatillo Settlement pattern starting at I-10 south features horizontals that carry through the whole 22 miles unifying the experience of travel while the 5 character areas emphasize historical and geographical differences, culminating in the dramatic urban/mountain link at 59 th Avenue. Two epic road cuts through South Mountain, accomplished with great respect for the natural and cultural heritage, and the half mile long Salt River Bridge add to the stunning and spectacular roadway that was bonded first in 1985 and includes 13 interchanges, 11 miles of sound walls, 360,000 cubic yards of concrete, 40 million pounds of rebar, and 990,000 tons of asphalt! This new segment is expected to divert 30% of traffic from central Phoenix, easing congestion and saving travel time while affording beautiful views of the Sonoran desert.

Cosanti Foundation Board Member Steve Oswinkle

Seeing the implementation of design concept work done 5 years ago is incredible. The Public/Private partnership, Connect 202, that is accomplishing the completion of this $1.7 billion project, is remarkable for the cost savings developed by subtle changes to the designs to promote buildability. The 30 year maintenance requirement for the build out has incentivized great craftsmanship and durability.


Many thanks to Carmello Aceveda, Joe Salazar, Leroy Brady, Yuri Robles, Travis Legare and Robby Richards of ADOT, Anne DeBoard of Kimley Horne and Victor Sidy from Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation and the thousands working on the ground for making this trip and the whole project such a success!

Text and Photos by Mary Hoadley


Road Survey 2019

Last week Arcosanti hosted the EPS Group for a topographical survey that will help to lay the groundwork for the eventual paving of our entry road.


The survey crew spent seven days setting arial targets and developing a digital terrain model that will inform how we go about constructing a roadway for our residents and 40,000+ yearly visitors.

The survey was coordinated by Planning Department head Kevin Pappa. The project was funded by supporters of our Giving Tuesday 2017 campaign. Information gathered last week will be critical in the development a comprehensive plan for how to accomplish our long time goal of paving the the Arcosanti Road!

Scottsdale Arts Summer Program Partnership!

We’re honored to announce a partnership with Scottsdale Arts and the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Scottsdale to bring their program participants an immersive sculptural workshop experience that they won’t forget!

The workshop is multi-week immersive learning experience, where students will be using upcycled materials to co-create a collaborative sculpture addressing issues surrounding responsible water use. Through the creative process, the students will be exposed to and gain skills in ceramics, metalworking, and aluminum casting, and develop a better understanding of what it means to be an informed and accountable citizen of our planet.

Resident artist Elana Novali worked in collaboration with Norm Pratt of Scottsdale Arts and Cosanti Foundation Director of Education Rob Jackson to create the five day curriculum. Over the course of the month of July, three separate groups of students from around the greater Scottsdale region participated in the fabrication of component parts for a sculpture that will be displayed as part of both the Arcosanti Convergence and Canal Convergence Festival in 2019.

You can read more about the program in this article published by the Scottsdale Independent.