The Convergence festival on November 10 – 12 was a wonderful success. The event was organized by Arcooperative. Speakers, artists, and musicians came from around the country to share innovative ideas, projects, and creativity. Over 300 people experienced the weekend of events which included talks on social justice, sustainability, design, and much more. The event was introduced by Sean-Paul von Ancken, Colleen Reckow, Rob Jameson, Elana Novali, Kate Bemesderfer, and Jeff Stein.

Here is a description for the arcooperative:
“Convergence is bringing together renowned speakers, artists, musicians, and activators to co-create an experience of vibrancy, action, and hope. With themes of Empowerment, Intersectionality, and Collaboration at the core of this experience, we convene to approach essential discussions of our era. We are here to DO community and sustainability, not just talk about it. This means participants are expected to uphold a standard of integrity, honesty, and work ethic throughout our stay. Participants are able to guide themselves through a flow of Keynotes, Workshops, Panel Discussions, Art Installations, Performances, Film Screenings, Acoustic and Dance Music”

Here are some photos from the weekend!


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