Convergence is just around the corner, which means that preparations for Arcosanti’s home grown festival/conference hybrid are well underway. The event, founded by the Arco-op in 2017, will feature dozens of keynotes and break out sessions with music performances, applied learning opportunities, small scale sustainable building projects, artistic co-creations and collaborations, a civic commons, art installations, live performers, local cuisine, film screenings and more. The Co-op anticipates around 500 participants who will call Arcosanti their home and collaborative laboratory over the course of three days from October 5-7.

An exciting new component of this year’s Convergence is the post-event workshop. For the cohort who participates, we’re offering a new five-week workshop program contents which will include field trips, hands-on learning during work on Convergence-specific projects, a reformatted seminar week, and certification by the entrepreneur mentorship program SEED Spot.

The first steps in the process of identifying how this alternative workshop will function have already been taken. Convergence organizers have been meeting regularly with the executive team and Arcosanti department managers. They are also working closely with new workshop coordinator Rob Jackson to design and implement the new curriculum. Potential projects for the work weeks include the installation of an LED intelligent lighting system in the Amphitheater, and helping with phase one of a water diversion system down by the swimming pool.

(text by Tim Bell)

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