On Tuesday June 19th, the Cosanti Foundation took a field trip to Phoenix to see the residential unit that Paolo Soleri designed and built for the DeConcini Family in 1982. Scott Jarson of AZ Architecture/Jarson & Jarson Real Estate met with Arcosanti residents and workshop participants at the house and shared his insight into the house and his personal relationship with Soleri. The DeConcini House is currently listed for sale with Jarson & Jarson Real Estate.

From the listing:

Beautifully kept, recently restored and well detailed, the DeConcini House is the only single family home designed by Architect Paolo Soleri and constructed in Arizona. The home is located in the pastoral Colter Estates neighborhood near the Arizona Biltmore. This very special home has been well-kept with additional detailing undertaken by the current architect owners. A unique design, the home lives in a conventional manner while quietly integrating Soleri’s principals of “Arcology”.

The DeConcini House was completed in 1982, and has been included in several publications, including Phoenix Home and Garden magazine. Dino DeConcini, (who along with his brother, Senator Dennis DeConcini; longtime admirers of Soleri’s work), approached the architect with an idea of designing a house for his family. Soleri had designed just one other house outside of his compounds: the famous “Dome House” in Cave Creek, which included Architect Mark Mills, making this a rare and unusual work from an architect whose built works remained mostly within his own control and compounds.

On display in the kitchen was a small model of the house’s original design. Though the house was strikingly different than our unique desert dwellings here at Arcosanti, there were familiar elements of Soleri’s stylized design.

Scott even treated us to a peak at the original blueprints for the build with hand written notes and sketches.

We’re incredibly thankful to Scott and the entire team at AZ Architecture for sharing their time with our group from Arcosanti and allowing us to see the beautiful DeConcini House. You can find out more about AZ Architecture and the DeConcini House at https://azarchitecture.com/listing/deconcini-house-paolo-soleri-architect/

(photos and text by Shannon Mackenzie)

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