The month we celebrate the official completion of the East Housing renovation project. At the start of December the construction department’s ongoing renovation of the East Housing complex passed its final inspection and by the Yavapai County Building Safety Division.

Upgrades to the space include a new bathroom and kitchen, new wood paneling, and the addition of a large group working space. All of the wood and metal work was done in house by the Arcosanti construction department, along with a series of gorgeous concrete countertops installed in the kitchen, bathroom, and windowsills.



East Housing will be used as Arcosanti’s first ever ADA compliant dormitory, another important step on the road towards making our site more accessible for workshop participants and the general public.

During the spring the unit will be occupied by students from Strathclyde University, who travel to Arcosanti each year from Scotland as part of their Sustainable Architecture and Engineering program. Throughout the rest of the year we will use the space as housing for our own workshop participants and large groups seeking temporary accommodations during their stay in the prototype Arcology.

(Photos by Sue Kirsch)

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  • WOW! My old apartment. It looks great! Excellent job you all. Glad to hear about Strathclyde. If I recall correctly I started the first seeds of that connection when I was the Workshop Coord, glad to hear it’s going strong!

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