East Housing is coming along beautifully, with final touches being added daily.

Our woodworking team built a gorgeous built-in workspace, and this time around that team included Bryce, Erik, Randall, and Patrick.

This progress is part of the East Housing Renovation Project, which is well on its way to completion, and includes upgraded ADA amenities and a large workspace for students.

Another recent East Housing project included the installation of decorative wood panels, installed by Joel, the Construction Manager, and the workshoppers Kevin, Bryce and Yui. The process was overseen by Planning Manager Kevin Pappa.

Lighting fixtures, accented with Soleri silt cast ceramic bells were installed as well. The fixtures were designed by Kevin Pappa and welded by Jona, our metalworking expert. The ceramic tops were made by Erin, an alum, based off an archival image of Soleri’s work.

(photos by Sue Kirsch, text by Rebecca Weeks)

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