The construction team is nearing completion on the current renovation project in East Housing. Once the project is complete the space will be available as a dormitory for students from both the workshop and from our partnership with Strathclyde University’s Masters in Architecture Program.

Preliminary schematic design for the renovation was completed by former planning department manager Flavio, along with assistance from Tomiaki Tamura and Jeff Zucker. Construction documents have been handled by Kevin Papa, the current planning department manager. On top of his duties as a department manager, Kevin also recently completed his licensing exam to work as a practicing architect. Erik Puzio and Maddie Visser in the wood shop have also contributed heavily to this project through the design and fabrication for new shelving, cabinetry, and paneling.

Primary construction has taken place under the supervision of Joel Masters. Workshop participants who have contributed to the construction most recently have gained skills in like metal work, tiling, carpet laying, and finishing carpentry. We look forward to opening the East Housing dorms in the fall and celebrating another completed renovation project.

(photos and text by Tim Bell)

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