Come visit Arcosanti and learn about the MXC project, another urban planning based project that attempted to design a more sustainable, design driven city. Watch the Trailer Below! Find out more at and

Screening March 9 @ 7 – 9 pm

Tickets are $10 for adults, $5 for students
Buffet Dinner available at Cafe 6pm – 7pm: $12
For more information, please call 928.632.6217 or visit

You can purchase tickets on Eventbrite!


“The Experimental City is a documentary about the Minnesota Experimental City project, a futuristic attempt to solve urban problems by creating a full-size city from scratch in the isolated woods of northern Minnesota. At the heart of the story is renowned scientist, inventor and comic-strip author Athelstan Spilhaus, who dreams of a new kind of planned city – a truly experimental city that continuously changes to find workable urban solutions. This new city would employ the newest technologies in communications, transport, pollution control, energy supply – even large-scale domed enclosure – in an attempt to create more livable cities for the 21st Century. It was a compelling vision, with powerful backers, hundreds of experts, and its own state agency. But not everyone fell in line with this newfangled vision for the future.”

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