You must obtain a location release to film/photograph with any professional gear on premise at Arcosanti. This is private property. In addition, for using a drone, you must fill out and file our document here.

The Paolo Soleri bells are sold primarily at the Cosanti Gallery in Scottsdale, AZ and at Arcosanti. While visiting Arcosanti you can take a guided tour to see the ceramic studio and the bronze foundry to learn about the bell making process. You can also purchase a bell online through the Cosanti Originals website

Arcology is:

• The integration of architecture and ecology

• A methodology to shape urban landscapes that are dense, integrated, walkable and three- dimensional

• A means to support the complex activities of human culture and fulfillment of the human spirit while limiting negative impacts on the natural world

We are always looking for self motivated, skilled, and responsible people to work with the project and participate in our unique community. To become a resident at Arcosanti you must first complete the Five-week Workshop and submit a letter of intent to the Community Council.

Some residents are employed by Cosanti Originals Inc., making the world renowned Soleri Windbells in the Bronze Foundry and Ceramics Studio or supporting daily life in the Café, Gallery and Guest Services operations. Other residents are employed by the Cosanti Foundation in Planning, Construction, Maintenance, Agriculture, Landscaping, Archives, or the Information Office. 

Workshop graduates in good standing are welcome to stay and volunteer for just a few months or to make longer term commitments dependent on availability. After your Workshop, you may apply for a 40 hr volunteer position or seek employment when available. New residents must be sponsored by a department manager to be able to submit a letter of intent to the Community Council.

For media and scholarly research, please contact:

Paolo Soleri Archives

13555 S Cross L Rd.

Mayer AZ 86333