Arcology is:

• The integration of architecture and ecology

• A methodology to shape urban landscapes that are dense, integrated, walkable and three- dimensional

• A means to support the complex activities of human culture and fulfillment of the human spirit while limiting negative impacts on the natural world

Built by over 8,000 volunteers since the project began in 1970, Arcosanti consists of various mixed-use buildings and public spaces where people live, work, visit, and participate in educational and cultural programs. Using concrete and a technique called silt-casting, the majority of the architecture has been built by novice Arcosanti Workshop participants guided by a team of skilled architects and engineers. See more on the Architecture page.

The term ARCOLOGY is the result of the combination of the words ARChitecture and ecOLOGY.


The word COSANTI was coined by Paolo Soleri in the 1950s as the result of combining COSA , meaning “thing” and ANTI, meaning “before”. The term reflects Soleri’s concerns about hyper-consumption in our society and can be flipped to Anti-Cosa, meaning against excessive materialism. 

Cosanti is the name of the site in Phoenix where Paolo Soleri built his permanent home and studio space, and it is also the name of the Cosanti Foundation, the 501(c)-2 nonprofit organization that manages Cosanti and Arcosanti.


The word ARCOSANTI is a combination of ARcology and COSANTI.