Arcosanti is located in the Arizona highland along the I-17 highway between Phoenix and the Grand Canyon. Many visitors like to take day trips to the scenic red rocks of Sedona, which is within an hour drive, and also to the Grand Canyon, which is a three-hour drive. For directions to Arcosanti, please go here.

The key words to Paolo Soleri’s philosophy are “leanness” and “elegant frugality.” Arcosanti follows the motto of “doing more with less”, by using less energy, less pollution, less waste of space and material, we are creating a more efficient community. This is an idea that embraces not only the architecture, but also the human aspects of everyday life.  Arcosanti attracts not only those interested in studying architecture, but also people who want to learn about urban design, solar panels, or simply to see what it would be like to live in an ecology and design focused community.

We have several photo-voltaic panels that were generously donated by Arizona State University on separate systems throughout the site, generating a current total of 10kW. This is only a small percentage of the energy consumption, but we also rely on solar heating and cooling of work spaces throughout the year, as well as other tactics to reduce energy use. On average, Arcosanti consumes one fifth of the energy that a development of similar size in Phoenix would.

Major financial support for the project comes from the production of the Soleri Windbells.  The ceramic and bronze bells are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also produce a beautiful sound as they blow in the wind. There are also Cause Bells for which a portion of the proceeds from the sale is sent to support a variety of charitable social and environmental organizations.

The workshop fee and donations from visitors are another important source of financial support. If you would like to donate to Arcosanti click here.

Under development by the Cosanti Foundation since 1970, Arcosanti is the urban laboratory testing the concept of Arcology to reorganize the sprawling urban landscape into dense, integrated, three dimensional cities to efficiently support the diverse activities that sustain human culture. Arcosanti conducts a wide range of activities. Residents, workshop participants, students and visitors work and live in extraordinary architecture surrounded by the striking natural environment and engage in fostering the activities of the Cosanti Foundation.