Workshops can range anywhere from 5 people to 25 people. We are always glad to accept as many participants as desire to come, although we are limited by the amount of housing available.

The last workshop of 2017 begins November 12th. 

2018 Workshop Dates:

Feburary 4 March 11 April 15 [special FORM ARCOSANTI workshop]

May 20 June 24 July 29 September 2 October 7 November 11

Contact the workshop coordinator for questions.

In brief, the five-week Arcosanti Workshop is a process of experiential learning designed around Paolo Soleri’s ideas. Through lectures, discussions, and tours, workshop participants gain a solid understanding of Arcosanti and Arcology Theory. Working with the construction crew offers an overview of the process required for building and maintaining the Arcosanti structures as well as basic construction skills. Mentoring with different departments offers a variety of educational opportunities. Finally, the experience of living and working in this unique environment is a valuable learning experience in itself.