Yes.  For the most part, weekends and evenings are free.  During week one (Seminar Week), Workshop participants will have activities scheduled throughout the day, from morning until about 5:00 p.m. (specific hours will vary with the seasons to take advantage of the best temperature).  After Seminar Week, there will be a field trip to Phoenix that may last for a few days.  Besides that field trip, participants will be working a regular, Monday–Friday program schedule for the remainder of the Workshop and will have weekends and evenings free.  Many Workshop participants use weekends as an opportunity to visit the Grand Canyon and other sites around Arizona.

All adults living on site must contribute 40 hours per week to the building, maintenance, or administration of Arcosanti.  As long as this requirement is met and community rules are respected (especially relating to noise), residents are free to live their own lifestyles at Arcosanti. Many people at Arcosanti have professions independent of the project, such as sculpting, jewelry making, writing, IT and web design to name a few.  

Yes, we have free wi-fi across site if you bring a computer. A community computer is also available.

A good rule of thumb is to bring what you would need to be comfortable on a camping trip (i.e. flashlight and sleeping bag).  Sunscreen is a must and insect repellent and a hat are recommended.  You will also need work clothes including work boots and gloves.  A further description of what to bring will be sent to you by the Workshop Coordinator once you have been accepted into the program.

Arcosanti is a construction site where most residents live in the various completed buildings.  Workshop participants are primarily housed in dormitory-style accommodations for the duration of their stay. The dorms are partially completed rooms that will eventually be finished into apartments.  The facilities are shared with other workshop participants (various rooms can accommodate 2 to 8 people), but there are places to lock up valuables.  There are heated floors during colder months, but there is no air-conditioning!  It may be possible to upgrade to a private guest room for an extra cost, depending on availability.  Arrangements for guest rooms must be made well in advance by contacting the workshop coordinator.