Human Nature Dance Theatre

This past weekend Arcosanti was pleased to host Human Nature Dance Theatre with their production of, Dying To Wake Up. HNDT is a collaborative dance performance group. They create original works of an interdisciplinary nature, which explore human potential and our relationship with the natural world. Based in Flagstaff HNDT performs regularly in Northern Arizona and annually performs at Arcosanti.

Exploring deep and somewhat elusive sentiments the performers did an excellent job conveying emotions like grief and despair, with striking dance movements, accompanied by beautifully overlayed music.At some moments throughout the performance, audience members were taken aback by the overflow of emotions, but were captivated nonetheless.


It was a performance which really seemed to remind people that there are plenty of emotions which aren’t talked about all too often in our societies, but can be a significant part of people’s lives. The performance created a certain atmosphere of connection. So much so that after the show a lot of audience members decided to hang out and chat with the performers as well as with the rest of the people who got to experience the event.

Overall, it was a particularly interesting and profound performance. Which left a number of the viewers feeling quite satisfied with their experience. It was great to have Human Nature Dance Theatre back in our space yet again, and we can’t wait to see you all here next time. And as always thanks for checking in with us, from all of us at Arcosanti!

(Photos by Sue Kirsch and text by Jesse F.)

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