Board member and beloved Arcosanti philosopher in residence Jeff Stein appeared in Torino last week representing the Cosanti Foundation at the Torino Stratosferica conference in Turin.

The Stratosferica describes its work as “revolv[ing] around a question that we ask ourselves less and less: how would we like it to be our city in the future? The whole experiment aims to foster reflection on an ideal Turin and build original, courageous, contemporary visions – some realizable, others purely utopian – for places, inhabitants, activities and services, culture, the general perception of the city.

In other words, Torinostratosferica wants to imagine a Torino at its best. Without constraints, without preconceptions, without calculations of feasibility. It is a project born with a generous and far-sighted, sometimes provocative spirit. To affirm the importance of projecting forward and aiming high, contributing to a positive (and shared) story about the city. Torinostratospheric is a Torino at its best, at its most beautiful in the physical space and in the values ​​it expresses, imagined starting from our desires.”

Their belief, that each of us is directly responsible for our actions as a species and their consequences and that the city belongs to those who take it, lends itself to many obvious parallels with Arcosanti and the theories of urban design and ecological accountability put forth by Paolo Soleri.

Jeff was also greeted by two familiar faces in the audience: residents Laura Villa Baroncelli and Erik Puzio were in attendance for the talk, which Laura live streamed to Arcosanti social media followers.

Despite his absence from our campus, we are grateful to Jeff Stein for his continued work for Arcosanti in places both near and far!

(Text by Tim Bell)

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