As one chapter opens, another one closes. This past weekend Arcosanti found itself saying goodbye to one of our Co-presidents of 6 years, Jeff Stein, A.K.A, “El Jefe.” It was a beautiful surprise send off which included brunch, beautiful decor, champagne, impassioned speeches, and amazing friends.

Jeff Stein first interacted with Arcosanti during his workshop back in 1975. While at Arcosanti, Mr. Stein produced Teilhard and Metamorphosis, an international conference and performing arts event about the life and work of Pierre Teilhard deChardin.

After which he still worked with the foundation for quite a stint of time, traveling with other architects across the states and giving lectures and presentations on Arcosanti. Eventually Jeff went off to go follow his own pursuits. A fraction of his professional experience includes developing solar/energy efficient housing/urban planning with Paolo Soleri Associates in the American southwest, including the PROGRESSIVE ARCHITECTURE award winning East Crescent Complex at Arcosanti.

Mr. Stein was most formerly Head of the School of Architecture (2004-2011) and Dean of the College (2008-2011) at the Boston Architectural College

Jeff is now thinking about taking a well deserved vacation. Some people might call it “Retirement,” but there is always something left for Jeff to do for his true work of, inspiring young minds, is never finished. He will be missed, and it’ll be a little difficult to navigate without our former captain, but we are sure Jeff will come back to visit frequently, for over his stay at Arco he has learned to call someplace else “Home.”

(Photos by Sue Kirsch and text by Jesse Fernandez)

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