Two weeks ago the Cosanti Foundation made the announcement that Patrick McWhortor has been brought on as Chief Executive Officer, effective immediately.

Patrick brings with him over 35 years of experience working in the Arizona non-profit sector, including experience as the founding President and CEO of the Alliance of Arizona Nonprofits, a title which he held for ten years. He teaches nonprofit, public policy, and political science courses at Arizona State University, where his is an alumni.

His style is modeled on the the servant/leader theory, by which a leader who knows very little about the day to day minutia of an organization can help it thrive by getting the resources necessary for those who do handle day to day operations to succeed. He also has a dense background in fundraising, one of the current critical needs of the Cosanti foundation if it is to continue in the modern era where nonprofit funding comes with its own set of unique challenges.

We look forward to welcoming Patrick McWhortor into his new role at the Cosanti Foundation, and to helping him realize his vision of an Arcosanti playing a critical role in conversations about education and environmental stewardship for another fifty years or more.

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