The Two Suns Arcology encompasses a number of variations on the concept of small and large settlements showing an integration of five effects:  The Urban Effect, Horticulture Effect, Greenhouse Effect, Chimney Effect and Apse Effect.

The aim of this integration is a more effective habitat, more responsive to the needs of society and more sensitive to the environmental, ecological, and energetic boundaries within which we operate on this earth.

  • The key to all of this is the Urban Effect, the fundamental drive of life. The “evolution of the city is viewed as the process which first of all causes the “non-living” to become alive, and then the living to become inventive, conscious, anticipatory, thinking, creational. This makes the Urban Effect the bridge between matter and spirit. The Urban Effect has been linked functionally to four other effects:
  • The Horticulture Effect has its origin from the early times when man began to control and guide the growth of selected kinds of greenery.
  • The Greenhouse Effect enables the collection of the warmth from the sun inside a defined space. When combined with the Horticulture Effect this provides a natural agriculture base.
  • The Chimney Effect is the system by which the collected warm air may be channeled as it rises.
  • The Apse Effect deals with a quarter-sphere structure facing south and thus acting as a sun collector in the cold season and as a sunshade in the warm season. It is a passive “energy machine” running solely on how it displays itself to the ever-changing journey of the sun.

The “Two Suns Arcology” focuses on the development of the central system for efficient collection, transmission, and consumption of solar energy to support a town or city population. This is achieved through the use of terraced greenhouses on the south slope of the city. Solar heat from the greenhouse collectors is redirected to meet basic heating and cooling needs of the city.

Produce for the city’s inhabitants is provided by the greenhouse. In the “Two Suns Arcology” one can literally see an apron of the climate-controled urban agriculture and cultural activities energized by the sun.