Last week Arcosanti had the pleasure of hosting Primavera’s 3rd and 4th grade classes for a day of immersive learning and exploration. The day was facilitated by resident Elana Novali, who hold certifications in early childhood development. Their visit was due in part thanks to the Intelligent Lighting Grant that our site received back in May, for which a key component of the funding is to continue dialing in the quality of our programming for Children and Veterans.

In the week leading up to their visit, Graphic Design intern Tyler Cannata worked closely with the Outreach department to design a workbook titled “The Arcosanti Filed Guide for Explorers.” The eight page workbook features prompts for exploration of both the architecture and natural landscape at Arcosanti through description, drawing, coloring, and journaling.

The students and their parent chaperones arrived at ten and quickly jumped into a nature walk through the Mind’s Garden. Over the course of the walk they were encouraged to keep an eye out for both native and non-native plant species. Their walk ended at Luna Flora, currently on display post Convergence, where they were allowed to climb up into the sculpture in groups of five.


A tour of the buildings followed the nature walk. During that tour the students were encouraged to start thinking about what their own experimental city might look, sound, and feel like.

The final component of their day was an hour long lunch and play session in the Colly Garden. Teacher Dan Jannone “Mr. Dan” provided pencils, markers, and crayons so that some students could fill out their Field Guide, while those who still had energy left played tag and basketball in the Vaults.

Thank you to Mr. Dan and the students of Primavera school for your visit–we hope to host you again very soon!

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