The community came together to use the foundry on a Saturday January 27th for a recreational bronze pour.

Residents worked with volunteer foundry workers to prepare their individual projects into molds. They met several times before Saturday to discuss how to make each piece.

After pouring the bronze and letting it cool, residents and foundry volunteers helped to break out the molds made of sand to reveal the personal projects.

Here the residents are going through the foundry sand for smaller pieces while a tour visits the unique structure.

After breaking out the bronze, the residual foundry sand is brushed off with a wire brush.

Finally, the projects are removed from the excess bronze, and weighted to determine the amount each resident will pay for the bronze used.

Above are incense holders made by resident Zeb Horn – check out his work at the Arcosanti Art show opening February 24th.

(photos by Rebecca Weeks, text by Shannon Mackenzie)

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