It is with great sadness that we write to inform you Randall Schultz passed away late last night. He had recently undergone a stent placement surgery, and it appears that his passing was the result of complications during his recovery.

“The King of the Lab,” as many of us knew him, was an exceptional person, artist, fabricator, friend, and community member. He was the ultimate example of what an Arconaut could and should be, and we have lost an important piece of our history and our soul through his passing. He died in a place that he loved, surrounded by people who loved him, for which we will forever be grateful.

A service for Randall will be held at Arcosanti on Saturday, June 8th. Festivities begin at 5pm, please bring a drink and a dish to share. Guest rooms have been blocked off for the evening; friends of Randall who wish to spend the night can call the Arcosanti Gallery and let them know that you will be attending the memorial service.

With warmth and remembrance,
The Arcosanti Community



  • Ouch…Randall was an absolutely unique original one of a kind . He had a kind heart, tempered at times with a glowing bit of flame impingement. True to his beliefs, and yet open to the input of others. He was a a good hand, truly an artisan through and through. Talented painter, gifted craftsman, and silt caster extraordinaire.
    If you knew Randall, you can still hear his laughter, his voice, his way of rambling/weaving abstract thinking.
    Randall was always there, he was foundation.
    I hope he felt fulfilled in this lifetime of events…he was a dear generous man, a little ornery maybe,with just the perfect mix of goodness to be Randall…
    You are missed, thanks for your care dear soul….

  • No one intimidated me more when I first arrived at Arcosanti, and no one embraced me as readily as Randall did. He was a good friend with a keen sense of humor and a story for every occasion. He will be missed.

  • Good journeys to you friend. I remember once Adam Nordfors asked me who I though the perfect “arcology” person was, his answer was Randall for many of the reasons stated above. I wish I could make it for the memorial. Whoever does, buy a beer from the Pub for me and toast Randall for me!

  • My Dear Randall,, friend and associate. So saddened that you had to leave so soon.. Will miss our meetings and enjoyable unique conversations. Say hi to Dave for me.
    Patty Rasmussen.

  • Hello I am Shelly son I dated Randy back in 2001 in Illinois …I loved that man with all my heart… I often wondered what came of him….and I stumbled upon his obituary the other day…. I enjoyed reading it …it made me cry to see he passed where and with people who loved him….it makes my heart happy….if you have anymore pictures of Randall I would love them….he is my true love nobody else will ever have my heart the way I have mine to him! Thank you guys so giving him a place he loved and was loved!

    With great love
    Shelly carton Son

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