We regularly collaborate with institutions, businesses, and schools to increase the impact of Arcologies and its principles around the world. Given available resources, we provide information, resources, staff, facilities, promotion and more. Opportunities will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

To get started, fill out the collaboration request below or keep reading to learn about our main types of collaboration.

Collaboration Request

Types of Collaboration

Education Collaboration

Educational groups, such as universities (including exchange programs), high schools, conferences, communities, and more, explore the concept of Arcology, Arcosanti, Paolo Soleri and a variety of other topics.

Culture Collaboration

Creative medium such as music, performing and visual art provide a space and content. Media, such as TV/film, radio, magazine, and photo use our site and extensive archives.

Technological Collaboration

We seek ways to introduce new technology into our urban laboratory. We’ve done everything from solar power to web and IoT projects.

What’s next, you say?

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