Renowned pianist Sonya Kumiko Lee performed this year for the 27th Annual Colly Concert, our homage to the woman who holds a special place in the history of Arcosanti. The concert, which traditionally is held as the final event of the season, was attended by a crowd of nearly one hundred including residents and ticket holders.

Lee, who studied at The Julliard School, has been featured on NPR’s Fresh Air with Terry Gross in collaboration with the lead singer of alternative rock band Weezer. For the Colly Concert this year she performed along side new media artist Steven Fragale. Fragale’s work consists of virtual reality painting which was projected on a screen for the audience’s enjoyment while Lee played work by Beethoven, Bernstein, and Los Angeles based composer Elliott Goldkind.

Accompanying the show was a dinner of Colly’s favorite food in the cafe. The menu featured borsht, lemon chicken, and roast vegetables prepared by the cafe with the help of the current workshop.

Funding for the performance is provided by the Colly Soleri music trust, established after her tragic and early death for the purpose of bringing live musical performances to Arcosanti and the neighboring communities. Through this trust and our work at Arcosanti she is remembered as being both brilliant and kind with a serenity that is increasingly rare. We relish the opportunity to celebrate and continue celebrating such a profound woman who provided heart and a much needed back bone for the Cosanti Foundation.

(Photos by Sue Kirsch and JEFC, text by Tim Bell)

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