Join 500+ people in building lasting change through empowerment and celebration! In our second year, Convergence is closing the gap between festival culture and community organizing/development. We offer pragmatic tools of change while also exhibiting performances and experiences that help us understand WHY adaptation, struggle, and artistic pursuit is an essential act of life. 

Our goal in developing this annual festival is to discover and share radical and revolutionary ideas that can shift our world towards equity, responsibility, justice, and joy. Our endeavor is to nudge reality towards hope by composing an event that is result-centric; one where we WORK together to build infrastructure, ideas, and relationships that can manifest a sustainable, co-creative future.

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The Convergence Speaker Series intersects vital cultural themes that can guide us towards a positive and powerful future. In large keynote sessions and intimate break-out workshops you’ll be able to weave together a thoroughly holistic learning and networking experience. We’ll cover some heavier themes such as peoples movements, cooperative economics, electoral politics, institutional corruption, food insecurity, race, identity, and decentralization. We’ll also dive deep into work of meditation, movement, expression, healing, and art! The Speaker Series will allow us to see a wider perspective of where our movements are working towards, and give us the tools to understand how to get there.


The music at Convergence aims to blend as many genres as we do societal themes. A mix of acoustic, ambient, and instrumentalist tones will lay a foundation in the evening, and we’ll transition to feature the full spectrum of dance genres into the night (and morning). Come prepared to be wow-ed by big bands like the Phoenix Afrobeat Orchestra and Taiko Drummers, intimate sonic looping performances from the likes of Porangui and Michael Garfield, and bring your dancin’ shoes for our late night dj sets of house, techno, glitch-hop, bass, and live electronica.


Convergence is exploring new boundaries in co-creation. We are hosting a number of multi-sensory and transcendent experiences, done by activators in various art, healing, philosophy, performance, and education backgrounds. Our goal is to quantifiably raise and measure attendees levels of consciousness, which will be measured through voluntary feedback forms.

Convergence exists to empower you to follow their highest joy. In this spirit, we offer a space, resources and context for you make a vibrant demonstration of co-creation. We invite you to apply as an official co-creator, visit official co-creative events, and browse what the many participants are doing!

Sculpture Park and Art

Throughout history, the cultures with whom we identify revolutionary thought have had one thing in common; a commitment to the creation and public display of visual art.

Large-scale installations and immersive performance art have an intangible but undeniable effect on those who interact with them. We believe that effect is a crucial component of opening participants up to radical thoughts, conversations, and ideas.

For the second year of Convergence, the Sculpture Park will pay homage to both “traditional” festival artwork and Arcosanti’s mission of stewardship to the natural environment. This dual focus will take the form of several large-scale interactive sculptures coming from Burning Man 2018 and land art pieces created by half a dozen artists using found natural materials from Arcosanti’s site.

After Convergence

The Convergence Workshop is a groundbreaking 5-week learning program brought to you by Arcooperative in partnership with SeedSpot and the Cosanti Foundation. The intensive blends global perspectives, hands on skill building, and a social impact accelerator to prepare students for a world where we have to engage, adapt, and grow like never before. After the course, students will receive a dual certification from both the Cosanti Foundation and the SeedSpot Accelerator. As graduates, students join the ranks of two lifetime Alumni Networks.

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Come to Convergence October 5-7!