The Convergence Workshop

The Convergence Workshop is a groundbreaking 5-week learning program brought to you by Arcooperative in partnership with SeedSpot and the Cosanti Foundation. The intensive blends global perspectives, hands on skill building, and a social impact accelerator to prepare students for a world where we have to engage, adapt, and grow like never before.
After the course, students will receive a dual certification from both the Cosanti Foundation and the SeedSpot Accelerator. As graduates, students join the ranks of two lifetime Alumni Networks. Alumni benefits include:

• Lifetime access the Arcosanti campus as a live/work hub
• Expert consultation through the National Mentorship Program
• Access to Capital and Entrepreneurial Networks
• Membership to the Arcooperative Project

This 15+ Participant Dream Team will be challenged to find bold solutions in times of uncertainty and opportunity.


What Should I Expect?

The Five-week program is organized through a framework of Mind, Body, and Spirit. Participants will be exposed to thought leaders in the realms of community, arts, and sustainability. There will be plenty of opportunities for physical exertion and skill building during project weeks.

Finally participants will be supported in synthesizing everything they’ve learned into a project, product, or program to bring back to the world. This all takes place against the backdrop of Arcosanti, a landmark campus and learning center.

Workshop participants will be housed in dormitory-style accommodations. The dorms are partially completed rooms that will eventually be finished into apartments. The facilities are shared with other workshop participants (various rooms can accommodate 2 to 8 people), and there are places to lock up valuables.

It may be possible to upgrade to a private guest room for an extra $100 per week, depending on availability. Arrangements for guest rooms must be made well in advance by contacting the workshop coordinator.

Please contact the Workshop Coordinator at 928.632.6233 or with any questions you might have.


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Convergence Workshop

From October 5 – November 10

The Program

Week 1 – Convergence & Seminar Week
The program will begin on Friday with the Convergence – a weekend of music, art, inspiring talks and thought-provoking workshops. Following the Convergence will be a day of rest before participants dive into a week of special sessions with GENNA and the Cosanti Foundation. Sessions will also explore what life is like at Arcosanti, and where this community fits into the larger conversation as a prototype of solutions for global problems.

Weeks 2, 3, 4 – Project Weeks
The project weeks are the hands on portion of the program. Efforts will be directed towards two main projects: a smart lighting infrastructure upgrade to the Arcosanti Amphitheater and a rainwater catchment and erosion control Bioswale project. Additionally there’ll be sessions to learn how to build Geodesic domes, engage in team synergies to tackle projects that will help the community, and take field trips to landmark spaces around the state.

Week 5 – Summit Week
The workshop summits with a 4 day intensive bootcamp through SeedSpot, a nationally recognized and award winning social impact accelerator. The program is a comprehensive and tightly facilitated experience that will equip participants with the tools and frameworks necessary to create meaningful change. As a capstone presentation, students will participate in “Pitch Night”, where they can present their project ideas to local impact investors and the Arcosanti community!

Convergence Workshop

5 Weeks Room and Board at Arcosanti

Dual Certification as Arcosanti Alumni and SeedSpot Alumni

Lifetime Access to Alumni Network Resources and the Arcosanti Campus

Arcooperative Lifetime Membership

Access to the national Arcooperative and SeedSpot Entrepreneurial Networks


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