Leadership Team

The Leadership Team consists of four Executive Directors dedicated to pursuing the goals of the Cosanti Foundation and working with other Arcosanti builders and supporters to move Arcosanti forward.

Jeff Stein

Jeff Stein

Executive Director of Program Development and Fundraising
Tomiaki Tamura

Tomiaki Tamura

Executive Director of Paolo Soleri Archives, Information and Design
Roger Tomalty

Roger Tomalty

Executive Director of Paolo Soleri Studios and Preservation
Mary Hoadley

Mary Hoadley

Executive Director of Operations and Finances

Board of Directors

The Cosanti Foundation Board of Directors are:

John Walsh, Chairman
Matteo DiMichele
Russel Ferguson
Mary Hoadley, Treasurer, CoPresident
Jeff Stein, CoPresident

Roger Tomalty, CoPresident
Tomiaki Tamura, Secretary, CoPresident
Michael Johnson
Stephen Ostwinkle

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